The shared technology infrastructure of the Johns Hopkins libraries is managed by the DRCC. This responsibility covers supporting and managing existing systems as well as identifying best practices for library technology.

AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services offers hundreds of managed and hosted infrastructure services used by IT professionals globally. The DRCC uses Amazon Web Services to provide infrastructure and services that support many of the Libraries’ applications. It empowers the team to deliver powerful infrastructure and services to developers quickly.

GitHub Enterprise

In partnership with the Open Source Programs Office (OSPO), the DRCC offers all of JHU access to GitHub’s offerings for free. Used by developers across the world, GitHub provides version control of source code for their projects as well as infrastructure for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment.

VMware vSphere

vSphere is the industry-leading compute virtualization platform and is used by the DRCC to run the bulk of the Libraries’ applications.

Versity Storage Manager

Versity Storage Manager is a large scale archive management tool deployed throughout the world. The DRCC uses VSM for protecting its 200TB of archival data sets.